14 May

When it comes to selecting appropriate furniture or sanitary ware for bathrooms, people are always confused on the choice to make, the product to purchase, its durability, long lasting and cost effectiveness. To solve all these problems most people encounter when the need arises to equip or upgrade their bathrooms and living rooms, Bauhaus launched a stunning collection of furniture that comes with unique designs and guaranteed quality.

Bauhaus bathroom furniture is the best thing that has happened to the finished wood products industry in the UK since it was launched. Bauhaus bathroom furniture offers a variety of stylish bathroom furniture which includes basin units, vanity units, bathroom mirrors, cabinets and some storage units. The bathroom furniture is for both the modern and traditional styled bathrooms.
Modern bedrooms need cutting edge furniture to rhyme with the current trend, that is why provides their customers with fantastic and excellent quality bathroom products. The team of professionals designing Bauhaus brand of bathroom furniture are really doing an incredible job because the products are extraordinary.
You will enjoy the following benefits when you purchase Bauhaus bathroom furniture.


The worth of your bathroom will be greatly enhanced with the introduction of Bauhaus bathroom furniture. The luxurious and stylish design which is one of the characteristics of Bauhaus bathroom furniture will perfectly uplift the outlook and functionally of your bathroom which will fit into your modern lifestyle.


Some people might be of the opinion that the beautiful design and high quality of Bauhaus bathroom furniture will make it not to be affordable. But the good news we have for you is that, Bauhaus bathroom furniture has the most competitive price you can think of in today’s furniture market. In addition to that, ones you buy it from Crosswater4U you will get a discount and good customer service assistance.

Bauhaus bathroom furniture has been designed to be very easy to install. The product comes with an installation guide and installation DVD (based on request). So anybody can install the product. But another added value if you purchase it from Crosswater4U is that one of our staff will help you in the installation of the product if you can’t do it on your own.

You get a maximum guarantee if you buy any Bauhaus bathroom furniture range of products. In the UK, Bauhaus bathroom furniture has recorded the least return after sales as to be compared with other brands of bathroom furniture in the market. That’s why people from every corner of the globe are requesting for the product.
Bauhaus bathroom furniture is built with high standards having the end user in mind. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the quality of what you are buying because the company has been in this business for more than twenty years, so they have been tested and trusted by customers in the UK over the years.

We at Crosswater4U have taken time to select gorgeous, chic and attractive Bauhaus bathroom furniture that will be suitable for your lifestyle. Just order on-line or come to any of our show rooms and you will be greatly satisfied.



4 May

Whenever you are looking for quality and functionality in shower valves, do not look any further because Crosswater shower valves have a standard that is not comparable with any of its competitors. The exceptional features of Crosswater shower valves makes it fit for any category of shower you are using. The innovation in the design is one of the factors that make reviewers to recommend it to builders or home owners.

Crosswater shower valves come in unique designs, styles and sizes that can suit any showering space and design you may have. The exceptional factor that separates Crosswater shower valve from other valves in the market is the 15 year guarantee given by the manufacturers. That means, once you have installed your water valve you are rest assured that you aren’t going to encounter any problems from now till 15 years time! That’s amazing.

Are you a builder, a home developer or are you renovating your house? You need to get Crosswater shower valves from a professional seller who will advice you and also help you in the installation of your shower valves. You need to get that Crosswater shower valves from Crosswater4U because we have experienced professionals that will help you solve any type of difficulty you may encounter during installation or test running.


Crosswater shower valves are very modest and have thermostatic compartment that makes it good for both modern and older bathrooms. You can get the following advantages just for purchasing this product.


Do you want your bathroom to look like a five star hotels bathroom? Then you need all the components that are obtainable in a five star hotels bathroom. You will be dazzled once you see the beautiful and attractive designs of Crosswater shower valves. The various designs really give the product an incredible edge above all other shower valves in the market today.


It was designed to be compatibility with any type of bathroom. Do not be scared away if your bathroom is still the olden type because you can equally use this adorable product just like somebody who has a modern bathroom.

The manufacturers gave its users 15 years of guarantee. But so many people have been using this product for more than 20 years with any complains. Unless you want it changed because your design is outdated. Apart from that, you have all to gain if you order for this product because the benefits are second to none.


Crosswater shower valves are highly efficient. They will serve you in every capacity you want. It is not only used for private bathrooms like other valves that falls because of pressure. This product is highly efficient no matter the pressure and the frequency of usage. Using this product will make other dependent compartments in your bathroom to be highly functional.

Order for your Crosswater shower valves from Crosswater4U and enjoy adequate service delivery.

We also offer you discount on all our products as well as guaranteed services from our team of professionals.

Getting it right

30 Apr

Why why why do people do things like this Bad Taste Bathroom!

There is never any need to get something so fundamentally wrong. You can often find all your resources in one place, like Crosswater Taps, Crosswater Shower Valves and Bauhaus Bathroom Furniture can all be found under one roof. With those three bases covered you can transform any bathroom into something special, but it doesn’t have to stop there! Shower Screens, trays, bathroom accessories… the list goes on.

Is there really any excuse for getting it wrong? You tell me.

A Throne Fit for a King – Gold Bathroom Spectacular

28 Mar

Although today’s bathroom market is heavily weighted towards the more contemporary style bathrooms, there is still a healthy market for the more traditional style. The following bathroom suites probably don’t qualify to fit in either category….

A far east manufacturer recently offered to supply us with this ‘luxury bathroom suite’

Gold SuiteI am not sure how much market research they had carried out in the UK before going into production. But if you do fancy the Gold Finger look in your bathroom, remember the rest of the fixtures and fitting will need to be to the same standard….

The full gold serviceWe declined to stock this particular range, so if it takes your fancy can I suggest running a Google search for “bad taste bathrooms UK”

Introducing “The Wet Room”

19 Mar

Wet-rooms are rapidly becoming a favourite for many, and I can see why. It’s not something that I had growing up, bathrooms were always traditional in the sense that showers were either above the bath or in a shower cubicle. During my mid 20’s I was dating a trainee RAF ATC officer, based at RAF Shawbury. The new build Officer accommodation blocks at this location had been decked out with en-suite wet-rooms and it made an impression upon me. They were neat, stylish, simple to maintain, contained and practical. In short I am a firm believer that the wet-room method is the single best way kit out layout a bathroom. Whilst the example I saw may not have been the height of style, no doubt due to some constrained MOD budget, it certainly allowed me to consider the possibilites.

The big manufacturers are now starting to roll out all the components required to create wet-rooms, walk-in showers are easily installed these days. Hudson Reed are one such supplier, who have now rolled out the Pearlstone Matrix shower tray range and have a full compliment of wet-room shower screens.

Heated Towel Rails – Calculate your BTU requirements.

12 Mar

People often ask me why they need a heated towel rail, I laugh and reply “You’ve never got out of a shower and stepped into a warm towel have you?”. For me the main reason as well as the additional heating to the bathroom is that it’s always a more enjoyable experience with a warm towel. As they say, it’s the small things that make the difference and this is as good a place as any to start, and will benefit everyone in the home. Some of the designs are clever and will add to the look of the bathroom. Whatever style you’re after, be it traditional or modern you’re covered, the range of choices are so diverse you are pretty much spoilt for choice. Although if you do go for a traditional style they can be a bit pricey to convert to dual fuel!

A key thing to remember when looking at towel rails is that they are towel warmers, many people make the mistake of picking a towel rail with a sufficient BTU output and then wondering why it isn’t warming their room when it has towels hanging from it! If you do require your towel rail to warm your room, get a heat output in excess of what you require. You can always reduce the flow if you need to lower the heat. Any qualified plumber can tell you the heating requirements for your room, but if you are like me and want to know how they arrive at this figure there is a guide below for you to examine.

BTU’s are calculated by factoring the cubic footage of a room. The square footage is a simple calculation in feet; length x width x height, if you need to convert metres into feet divide your dimension in meters by 0.3048 to get the dimension in feet. Once you have a value for your cubic footage, multiply this figure by 5. This new figure is the required BTU output for a room, but it does assume some standard factors, such as; 230mm solid brick walls, 100mm loft insulation, each room having only one external wall and average size windows. You can adjust your “ideal” BTU figure by the following factors to get something that is more specific to your needs.

  • Factors that reduce the room requirement
  • Solid floor (subtract 10%)
  • Uninsulated cavity walls (subtract 10%)
  • Foam-filled cavity walls (subtract 20%)
  • Upstairs bedrooms (subtract 25%)
  • Double glazing (subtract 5%)
  • Factors that increase the room requirement
  • Two exterior walls (add 15%)
  • Three exterior walls (add 40%)
  • North facing exterior wall (add 10%)
  • No loft insulation (add 15%)
  • French or Bay windows (add 20%)

This is quite a lot of information to take and unfortunately it does not stop there. If you know a room is going to be in constant use by individuals while the heating is required then you will need to factor for the “Human” output too, depending on the work they are doing. Here’s a little guide as to the BTU’s produced by a person while performing various activities.

  • Sleeping – 250
  • Relaxing – 350
  • Office work (seated) – 420
  • Office work (standing) – 640
  • Walking (3mph) – 1040
  • Factory work (heavy) – 1600
  • Exercise (heavy) – 1800

Just remember, never underestimate your heating needs, always overestimate! You cannot at any point produce more heat from a radiator than it is physically or chemically capable of, you can at any time adjust your radiator valve and turn it down.

“extra towely snugness” – Well that’s one way of putting it

6 Mar

Towelie from South Park

Towelie from South Park

A long time ago, when I first started out selling bathroom brass ware and heating products, I remember browsing the web looking for inspiration. One website had grabbed my attention and as I was investigating further I came across this description against a heated towel rail – “warm your towel rail all year round and make sure you always have your extra towely snugness”. This made me chuckle because it is quite simply silly and put me in mind of Towelie from South Park. It did however stick in my mind, and indeed if you study one of my earlier websites closely enough you will find a little homage to the extravagant description that includes a made up word.

Despite its humourous delivery it does make a good point, you simply can’t beat stepping out of the shower and having a warm, snug towel to dry down with. The majority of heated towel rails are fitted onto a central heating system. This is good because it takes little effort to warm the towel rail but it does have the drawback that when the heating goes off the towels stay cold. You can install an electric only towel rail, the drawbacks being that you have to use a heating element to warm your towels all year round even when your central heating is on and the heating element will see more hours of daily usage thus diminishing its effectiveness to you in years. The happy in-between, a sensible choice adopted by many, is to make use of a dual fuel configuration. Dual fuel setups incorporate a simple mechanical T-piece that allows for an element and a radiator valve to be inserted into one side of the towel rail, when the central heating is off the element is used to heat the rail, when it is on it can be turned off. Critically many people think dual fuel setups don’t work because their towel rails only get slightly warm, 99.9% of the time they’re forgetting to shut off one of the radiator valves; as long as there is a loop beyond the towel rail the heating element will attempt to warm the entire system, a problem with an easy fix.

In summary, get a system that works all year round for your “extra towely snugness”, I’d hate to think you were going without